Monday, January 18, 2010

All wired up for the Games

A policeman sitting at the police headquarters near ITO in central Delhi will be able to see the person entering the Commonwealth Games Village in east Delhi, five kilometres away.

That’s not all.

The cop will also be able to see every vehicle entering the city, a shopper at Karol Bagh market, a motorist on Parliament Street and all of them at one go.

If there is a threat anywhere in Delhi, the information will be fed into the system.

They will be colour coded in red, yellow and green based on the severity of the threat and will flash on screens.

Delhi Police are all set to install giant screens at a new center for command, control, coordination and communication called C4i.

The centre would be linked with cameras installed at 58 markets, 27 border check posts, 1,000 police control room (PCR) vans, 12 police video monitoring vehicles, 700 traffic vehicles and two city hotels.

“The live feed from the cameras would be displayed at the C4i centre. Any untoward movement or emergency would be spotted by the policeman sitting at the centre and relayed to the local police for necessary action,” said a police officer.

“If there is a stampede at a market, the cop would make announcements on the public address system from the centre and control the situation. This is before additional force can be rushed in,” he said.

The centre will be equipped with three 32 inch LCD screens and two 46 inch LCD screens. In all, there would be 88 screens at the centre covering the city.

“The centre would be operational before the Games,” said Rajan Bhagat, spokesman, Delhi Police.

Samrat Hotel and Hotel Ashok in Chanakyapuri, which are the official games hotel will also be linked to this centre.

“The movement of all the players and dignitaries will be monitored through this centre,” said the officer.

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