Tuesday, March 2, 2010

India to feature at Marist 7s

During its Fiji leg, Indian ruggers will participate in the Marist 7s -- largest Rugby tournament in Fiji.

As part of their preparation for Commonwealth Games, the Indian Rugby Team leaves Tuesday night for Fiji and New Zealand to acquire more in-depth knowledge about the game and identify their strength and weakness.

During their three-week trip, the 23-member contingent will meet the former champions and legends of the game, visit the state-of-the-art gymnasium, world class pitches and fitness professionals and compete in few practice matches against respective national teams.

"This trip is very important keeping Commonwealth Games in mind. We will be up against some of the best playing teams ," Indian Rugby team captain Naseer Hussain said.

"All know, Fiji and New Zealand are two top Rugby playing nations and to visit them and get hang of their sporting culture is nothing less than a dream come true.

"It's an opportunity to learn the nuances of the game from the best in the industry. You will come across your strengths and weaknesses. Actually, you will learn what the game is all about," Hussain added.

Earlier, Team India was also scheduled to visit Hong Kong as part of their tour to play few practice matches with the National Rugby 7s team, but it was dropped from the list keeping in mind the travelling and cost involved.

"We have now decided to extend our stay in New Zealand and play some more practice matches there," Naseer said.

During its Fiji leg, Indian ruggers will participate in the Marist 7s -- largest Rugby tournament in Fiji.

The team will compete with the best in the world like New Zealand and Australia among others.

"Marist 7s is undoubtedly the best tournament in Fiji. You will be up against those teams who are finest in the world. It's a unique opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of the top Rugby 7s teams in the world," Nasser said.

The New Zealand leg of the tour will expose the team to world class Rugby training, fitness and diet schedules, and discovering new cultures.

At Palmerstom North, the team will attend Rugby 7s clinic run by Ex-All Blacks player Murray Euxted.

For over 10 days, the team will stay at Massey University, where they will have access to the gymnasium, world class pitches and fitness professionals.

"We will get a life time opportunity to interact with the All Time Champions - All Blacks. We will meet champions like Grant Fox (considered a true pioneer of the modern art of goal kicking), Christian Cullen (one of most popular full back player), Karl Te Nana and Craig Digoldy (part of the gold medal winning team at Commonwealth Rugby 7s)," Naseer said.

"This trip is all about what knowledge we gain? What qualities we inherit? More such trips are needed in future if you want good show at Commonwealth Games."

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