Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not Many Foreign Visitors For Commonwealth Games

The Delhi government has, perhaps for the first time in a public forum, accepted that not as many international spectators would come for the Commonwealth Games as has been expected till date.

Speaking at an interaction `Face to Face with Government' with the FICCI Ladies Organisation, Special Secretary to the Chief Minister P K Tripathi drew parallel with the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where, he said, the number of international visitors fell short of "speculation".

Tripathi said, "There was serious speculation even during the Beijing Olympics (about high number of visitors) but hotel occupancy was ultimately only 25 per cent. International tourists do not generally come in huge numbers during October as it is not the holiday season for them."

Tripathi, however, said Delhi will not face a shortage of hotel rooms during the October 3-14 event: "I am sure we will have enough hotels for those who come."

Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta, who was also present at the function, said, "There are no issues regarding arrangements during the Games except, may be, security. (But) even security is not much of a problem as there is a fairly elaborate multiple-tier security arrangement."

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