Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stopping Kalmadi at stadium’s parking was protocol, says top cop

Delhi Police Commissioner Y S Dadwal has said Commonwealth Games organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi was stopped at the parking level of Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium as per security protocol.

Dadwal made this point in a letter to the Member of Parliament, who had taken objection at being stopped from taking his vehicle to the stadium’s gate number 1 recently.

Kalmadi had subsequently sent a letter to the city police chief. In his reply, Dadwal pointed out that all security protocol was followed and only heads of states and VVIPs are allowed to go up to gate number 1.

Newsline had reported on March 5 that Kalmadi and International Hockey Federation (FIH) president Leandro Negre’s vehicle was allowed only till the parking stage of the National Stadium.

While Kalmadi had asked the police chief to instruct police officials to allow their vehicle up to gate number 1, where other dignitaries were allowed, Dadwal replied that security is prime concern for the Delhi Police.

“The security protocol was properly followed by the Delhi Police as per international security standards and instructions,” Dadwal said in the letter.

Police sources said similar security format was followed at Beijing Olympics, and the same standards would be followed in the Commonwealth Games starting here on October 3.

“As per international security standards, vehicles of even senior Delhi Police officers, including the commissioner, are allowed till the parking level,” a senior officer said. “Only one vehicle, which is used to ferry the security apparatus, has the pass to go ahead.”

According to the officer, even after showing the official accreditation, all officers and VIPs are being frisked and checked before being let in at the stadiums.

Kalmadi had said in his letter to Dadwal that vehicles of certain dignitaries were allowed up to gate number 1, while the vehicles carrying him and the FIH president were given access “only up to the car parking facility”.

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