Wednesday, June 23, 2010

12 days of Games, legacy for lifetime

The Asian Games in 1982 got Delhi some flyovers, five-star hotels and modern stadia.

“(But) with Commonwealth Games (CWG), Delhi will undergo a mighty metamorphosis,” said Union Minister for Urban Development, S Jaipal Reddy.

Widening of roads, spreading out the Metro network in Delhi and NCR towns, building elevated roads, streetscaping and of course, bringing up mega stadia — the Urban Development Ministry has spent Rs 18,000 crore to spruce up Delhi for the Games.

“We have to look at long-term infrastructure gains. Legacy of Games would be remembered for decades to come,” Reddy said at the HT Conclave.

Detractors claim a lot of money has been wasted; Reddy countered, “CWG is only a peg for big infrastructure projects, which are need for Delhi anyway. ”

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