Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vintage cars to ferry VIPs during CWG

A fleet of vintage cars is being readied for ferrying VIPs during the Commonwealth Games.

Carrying the Commonwealth logos, these customised vintage cars including Bentley, Chevrolet, Auburn Speedster, Stutz, Cadillac, Triumph, Rolls Royce will also be utilised for carrying visitors for 'Dilli Darshan' tour around the city.

These high-end princely cars, reminder of the bygone era, will also be exhibited in a 'Vintage Show' for a fortnight during the Games in October.

The exhibition will be held at Nehru Park as part of many events finalised by the government in consultation with the Heritage Motoring Club (HMC) and Games Organising Committee.

While there will be about 2,000 cars for ferrying VIPs during the Games, HMC has offered 25 vintage cars as part of the VIP fleet to be used during the Games.

"We have offered 25 vintage cars with trained drivers in their traditional dresses to carry a few selected VIPs to Games destinations and heritage sites around the city," said Diljit Titus, general secretary of the HMC.

"Since these cars are from royal families of Baroda, Darbhanga, Jaipur, Patiala, Jodhpur, Tehri Garhwal and Bikaner, the drivers will be dressed accordingly," Titus said adding, these cars are in perfect running condition to ply about 20 km a day. "We are also planing to have vintage parade on Rajpath during the Games for visitors," he said.

However, the big picture on the vintage front is the mega event at Nehru Park in Chanakyapuri where a total of 75 vintage and classic cars are coming from all over the country to be part of the fortnight-long show.

"We have been given 40,000 sq ft area covered space at Nehru Park to exhibit 75 heritage cars. These customised high-end luxury cars were part of the royal functions, including weddings and hunting sessions during those days," Titus said.

Among other cars, there will be a Bentley of 1934 make, Triumph (1956), Jaguar (1951), Cadilac (1934), Nash Custom (1934), Auburn Speedbreaker (1936), Stutz (1930), Rolls Royce (1934).

Besides cars, some vintage motorcycles and scooters will also be displayed during the show, he said. The exhibition will have 12 paintings on automotive fine art.

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