Sunday, September 26, 2010

Australian and Kenyan teams arrive in New Delhi for Commonwealth Games

Contingents from Australia and Kenya for the Commonwealth Games arrived here on Sunday.

The arrival of players and officials from participating member nations picked pace on Saturday.

Heavy presence of the security personnel was seen at the airport as the members of the contingents boarded buses escorted by armed police jeeps to their destination.

Earlier on Thursday, the Kenyan officials had said they would send a 240-strong team for the Games after receiving foolproof assurances about security from New Delhi.

The Commonwealth Games Federation President Michael Fennell said on Saturday that there would be full participation by all countries in the Games.

So far all national delegations appear to be attending the Games after pledges from the Indian government that the event would be ready on time.

The Indian government is rushing against time to ensure preparations are complete ahead of the opening.

The Games are due to commence on October 3 and end on the 14th.

India is expecting about two million tourists in New Delhi for the Games, as well as about 10,000 athletes from 71 teams representing 54 Commonwealth member states.

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