Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do your bit as patriotic Indians': CWG Village Mayor to media

With more and more participant countries complementing the Commonwealth Games village and feeling at home therein, the Mayor of the village, Retd Gen Dalbir Singh today asked the media to ''do patriotic reporting as true Indians''.

When told that the foreign delegates were quite satisfied with the Games village and the improvements made at the last stage, Gen Singh exclaimed ''that is what is the truth''.

Having had enough share of negative reporting about the loopholes at the Village, Gen Singh was in mood to set things right as he beamed in the appreciation received from at least 15 countries.

''We have received complements from at least 15 countries that they are extremely happy with everything at the Village,'' he told UNI. ''Continuos efforts from our side are also on. We have been asking the Joint Commissioner of Police to ask his personnel to be more courteous, helping and take care of basic manners as wearing gloves while frisking the guests,'' he informed.

With a Defence background, Gen Singh did not miss out on the opportunity to introduce himself as a true spirited Indian and likewise inculcate the very basic nationalistic nuances in the Indian media, when he said, ''I have a bullet in my thigh. But still I am working for my country. I am taking care of everything.'' ''You also as true Indians do your bit. At least you (the media) can report genuinely positive aspects, which is the only truth about the Village and the Games as of date,'' he added.

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