Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Games head says Delhi venues are safe

The head of the Commonwealth Games Federation says he can vouch for the security at sporting venues in New Delhi, but not for the rest of the city.

Less than a month out from the event, Mike Hooper has offered a vote of confidence in Indian authorities.

"In and around the venues - the games venues, the village - I'm confident they will be safe and secure," he said.

He also says he is encouraged by 15 test events in the last nine months that have been held without incident.

But Mr Hooper, who lives in New Delhi, adds this qualification:

"Obviously I can't speak for softer areas like downtown and all those sorts of things," he said.

Mr Hooper says he believes the presence of the security forces and police is adequate to provide a safe and secure environment.

"The presence of the security forces here, the Delhi police, the numbers, their plans etc, I think are adequate," he said.

The Australian Government has warned of a high risk of a terrorist attack in New Delhi.

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