Friday, September 24, 2010

Media centre, a breath of fresh air

Entering the Main Press Centre for the Commonwealth Games was a breath of fresh air. The site will be the nerve-centre and second home for over 2000 print, online and broadcast journalists who are expected to cover the event. Walking into the centre on a warm Friday afternoon, a rarity these days,
the well laid out, spacious and cool interiors came as more than a pleasant surprise.

Wired Up

For print and photo journalists, filing stories from the press centre should not be a problem. Apart from the fact that most parts of the building are wireless enabled, there are also 300 workstations connected to a local area network with high-speed internet access. The workstations are all connected to printers as well. Also, there are plenty of laptop stations.

Coverage and information

The centre houses eight viewing rooms, where live feeds of the various disciplines will be screened on large TVs. Each room can seat at least 50 people. Information screens have been set up all around the site, which will display upcoming events, schedules as well as results. There is a large press conference hall, as well as smaller briefing rooms, and special rooms for pre-arranged one on one interviews.

Food and Drink

Outside the small village that is the media centre is being built a large food court that will serve cuisines from around the world, around the clock, to keep the army of journalists fuelled and ready. And since all good journalists enjoy a tipple, a bar is also in the final stages of completion!

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