Sunday, October 3, 2010

Workers to dismantle stage still do not have passes

The opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games received applause from all quarters, but the organisers now have the herculean task of dismantling the stage ahead.

With the sporting events at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium starting from Tuesday, the Organising Committee has not even thought of the dismantling process. The result: around 250 workers who are to undertake the task of dismantling have not been issued security clearances by the OC.

According to experts, the sturdy steel stage has to be brought down immediately after the ceremony within 8 hours. Once the stage is out, the Aerostat — the helium-filled balloon that floated over the stage — can be taken down and deflated.

“So far, no arrangements have been done to clear the arena,” an official said. After the stage is dismantled and Aerostat brought down, the carpet cover will be removed. The sand cover then has to be covered with grass. With less than 48 hours left, officials fear another fiasco.

“No passes have been issued yet. Of the 60 trucks that have to load the stuff, only eight have vehicle access passes. Every minute counts now,” the official said.

The Aerostat has to be deflated and kept safely to be re-erected for the closing ceremony.

Half a million Euro mistake
A major goof up by the Delhi Police bore heavy on the opening ceremony on Sunday evening. The Delhi Police — without asking anyone — had turned off generators at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium last week. This resulted in 30 per cent of the sophisticated lights getting damaged. The Organising Committee, which is liable for the damage, has estimated the loss to be around half a million Euros.

“These lights have a sophisticated procedure of closing down,” a source said.

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