Friday, January 22, 2010

Britain happy with Games security

Britain today said it was satisfied with India’s security preparedness for the Commonwealth Games and hoped to send a substantial delegation.

It denied any plans of sending the Scotland Yard to provide security to its athletes in October. “We won’t be involved in policing the games. A police team will accompany the athletes to liaise with India police and advise (our sportspersons). We will not take over the Indian police’s role,” said British high commissioner to India Richard Stagg.

He said Britain always sent a Metropolitan Police (also known as Scotland Yard) team with athletes to major sporting events to work with local security officials.

Stagg said a team of British security experts had visited India last week. “They returned to the UK very reassured, believing that the Indian authorities are on track to deliver very effective performance on security,” he said.

The high commissioner said that at present there was no security threat that could prevent his country’s athletes from participating in the Games. “We do not believe that there is a security threat to the Games at this moment. Current analyses do not suggest that. We are encouraged by the efforts made by the Indian authorities.”

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