Friday, January 22, 2010

Scotland Yard won’t be part of Games security: British envoy

Expressing satisfaction at Delhi’s preparations for the Commonwealth Games, Britain Friday said there was no terror threat to India and that Scotland Yard would not be involved in securing British athletes arriving for the October event.

British High Commissioner to India Richard Stagg, voicing his satisfaction, said: ‘As of now, there is no terrorist threat to India.’

‘We are positive and encouraged by the efforts and progress made by the Indian authorities,’ the envoy added.

Dismissing media speculation, the envoy said the British Metropolitan Police, popularly known as Scotland Yard, will be accompanying the British contingent – expected to be around 1,500 athletes and officials, to Delhi in October, but they will not be involved in the security of the Games or that of the British athletes.

They will come here to liaise with the Indian authorities, he said. They will not take over the role of the Indian police, he added.

It was standard practice for Scotland Yard to accompany British athletes to foreign countries, he explained.

Scotland Yard has since August 2009 been working with the Delhi Police and other Indian security agencies associated with the Games and has played an important role in the review of safety measures related to the event.

Last week, a delegation of security experts from Britain held meetings with the Indian government and Delhi Police here to discuss various aspects of security planning for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games.

The British envoy’s remarks come days after media reports speculated that British athletes might not participate in the 53-nation sporting event due to security fears.

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