Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Commonwealth Games are our games says Michael Fennell

Michael Fennell, President, Commonwealth Games Federation and Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman, Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 met here today to monitor the readiness ahead of the sporting event that is due to be held in October this year.

Addressing the media persons here, Fennell said: "The celebration of wonderful Games in October is not possible without all of us working together. These are our games, the Commonwealth Games is not for India. India is hosting the Games for us. These are our games and we have to make them good."

About security, Fennell said security was everybody's concern and the Commonwealth Games Federation was watching the security arrangements closely.

"A matter that has been occupying the attention of everyone around the world those connected with the Commonwealth Games and those not connected with the Commonwealth Games is the matter of security as Mr. Kalmadi has said to you that all the attention is being paid to the security and we also put this very high on our agenda in terms of monitoring for the arrangements for the Games. I don't think anybody would deny the fact that anywhere in the world today where there is a large international event or either the large domestic event that we are aware of from the federation's point of view and we will be monitoring very closely," he added.

Fennell was pleased with the hockey venue where current hockey World Cup is being held in New Delhi.

"Venues of course, some are under construction and some of them have been completed and we are very pleased with the outcome of the hockey venue because when we were here in December last it was still very far from completion and to witness such a fact that they are able to play the World Cup. ... certainly excellent facilities. I think it is a testimony to what can be achieved by India when they have to achieve a certain objective and I must congratulate the builders, organisers and all the people responsible for presenting such a fine hockey venue." said Fennell.

He also claimed that the Commonwealth Games-2010 would leave behind world-class sporting infrastructure in India.

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