Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Railways gear up to upgrade New Delhi station

After the renovation of the New Delhi railway station building on the Ajmeri Gate side, the Delhi Division of Northern Railway is gearing up to further upgrade and beautify the station for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. The work being undertaken includes construction of foot-over-bridges and re-modelling of the station entry and exit points besides giving an aesthetic facelift to the existing building structure.

A Northern Railway official said: “One of the biggest challenges for the New Delhi railway station upgrade is the huge inflow of passengers for which efforts are being made to decongest the station. Work is in progress for extension of a new foot over-bridge to Paharganj side and its connection with the existing foot over-bridge. This foot over-bridge is six metre wide and will go a long way in decongesting the station. Also, we are planning to move the existing inward parcel office at Platform No.1 on Paharganj side to parcel area at Ajmeri Gate side and utilise the space so released for passengers waiting at platforms and concourse hall.”

“The circulating area at Paharganj and Ajmeri Gate side will also be remodelled to make the station entry and exit hassle-free for passengers. These circulating area plans have been developed in consultation with the Delhi Traffic Police. The railway station building will also be given a facelift by providing aluminium composite panels, stainless steel cladding, granite murals and texture paints. The entry to the railway station would be made prominent and the entrance and exits would be made more efficient by creation of proper lanes,” he added.

In addition, the platforms at the station would be repaired to make them smooth and provided with elegant looking stainless steel benches, stainless steel water booths, modular stalls and aesthetically improved railings. The cover sheds on platforms would also be extended to increase the waiting area and provide shelter against inclement weather.

“The pathways would be made wider and smoother so that elderly and disabled passengers can be moved from one platform to another by battery- operated passenger cars,” the official added.

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