Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No security concerns for Dwyer

Australian hockey player Jamie Dwyer says he had no hesitation deciding to compete at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Dwyer says the threat of a terrorist attack has not dissuaded the team from its bid for a Commonwealth gold medal.

He says the experience of playing in India earlier this year helped him make the decision.

"There's always concerns, I guess about security, whether that's in Delhi or London but wherever it is I'm going to go," he said.

"I've been over to India a fair bit and we were fortunate enough to be there in March this year so we got used to the conditions and we all went there and found it very safe."

Dwyer says the threat of a terrorist attack is worrying but it is possible in any country.

"We did a lot of talking before the World Cup in March because we had a few threats to our team and the England team as well, but this time we'll talk a little bit about it but I think everyone's feeling pretty fine," he said.

"Because we were over there in March and everything ran so smoothly, I think everyone's got expectations that it'll go smoothly again."

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