Friday, October 8, 2010

Dedicated traffic lane? OC sells CWG car stickers

If you thought that the Commonwealth Games dedicated traffic lane in Delhi was a corridor where only Games delegates could travel, think again. Because car stickers for the Games lane are being sold by the Organising Committee.

In a bizarre move to generate income, the OC is selling these vehicle passes to Missions of the Commonwealth countries.

Sources said the OC is selling the stickers for $280 (Rs 12,440) each to High Commissions of 54 countries. These passes allow vehicles to ply on the dedicated Games lane for the entire duration of the event.

“We have to have vehicle passes for the Commonwealth Games lane since our athletes and delegates are travelling on the lane. And we don’t want to be stuck in traffic jams. That will be a coordination nightmare,” said a diplomat from a European nation.

An official from a High Commission of a South Asian country dittoed: “We were given one complimentary vehicle pass for the entire High Commission. There was no other option except buy some vehicle passes.”

Sources said the OC has been selling passes for three vehicles to every High Commission, but countries with large delegations have managed more since their requirement is more.

While most missions are buying these access passes to avoid coordination hassles, some countries are complaining about the price, saying it is steep. A diplomat from an African country said: “The government should have provided these vehicles passes gratis as a gesture of friendship. But it is charging us for a such a small thing. Quite unbecoming of a large country like India.”

Asked about the sale of these car passes, OC secretary general Lalit Bhanot said: “This facility has been extended to High Commissions and their officials since they didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. This facility is also being given to other officials like broadcasters who are involved with the Games.”

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