Friday, October 8, 2010

Prince Charles's bodyguard collapses as they fly to Commonwealth Games

Prince Charles was involved in a mid-air medical emergency when his security chief suffered a heart attack on the royal plane to India.

Superintendent Tim Nash collapsed during the private flight from London to Delhi last Saturday, just yards from where Charles and his brother Prince Edward were sitting.

It meant the heir to the throne was left to carry out a high-risk four-day tour of India without his most senior protection officer.

Charles’s personal doctor treated the senior Scotland Yard officer as the royals were kept abreast of the ‘traumatic’ situation.

His condition was deemed so serious that aides feared the plane – part of the Queen’s Flight – would have to make an emergency landing.

But the chartered aircraft, which is believed to have been nearing the end of its eight-hour journey, was able to touch down in Delhi at 1.35pm, where it was met by paramedics.

Mr Nash is still recovering in hospital, leaving the rest of his team to protect Charles during the Commonwealth Games.

A source said: ‘Tim had a massive heart attack and it was very touch and go – they thought he was at death’s door.

‘His career may be effectively finished – he may not be able ever to go back to work.’

Clarence House declined to comment.

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