Sunday, March 7, 2010

Around 40% workforce at CWG organising committee is female

Women power at the Commonwealth Games organising committee was out in open today as they gathered on the eve of International Women's Day in New Delhi.

Out of around 1,000 employees, a whopping 38.5% are women. Thirty-five senior positions are held by women who come with versatile backgrounds and proven expertise in their respective areas.

Most of the women workforce falls in the age-group of 20-30 years.

A function to mark Women's Day was held at the organising committee office which echoed with laughter, cheers and whistles as the women workforce gathered there.

Enthusiastic women also posed with Shera, the mascot of the Games and Suresh Kalmadi, MP and chairman of the organising
committee Commonwealth Games 2010.

"The specialised and efficient workforce of the organising committee boasts of a strong presence of 38.5% women in all the 34 functional areas of the organisation," a spokesperson said.

The areas included workforce recruitment, communications, image and look, hospitality, venue operations, finance right and security.

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