Sunday, March 7, 2010

JLN Stadium Metro Stn to cater to 4000 commuters per min in peak hrs

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is making special arrangements at Jawahar Lal Nehru (JLN) Stadium Metro station to ensure commuter convenience during the upcoming Commonwealth Games (CWG) and it will cater to 4000 passengers per minute in peak hours.

''Since the opening of CWG on October 3 and closing on October 14, will take place at this location, we are making special arrangements,'' DMRC spokesperson Anuj Dayal said today.

''The staton will be able to cater to 4000 passengers per minute in peak time and has been designed to accommodate a total traffic flow of 80,000 persons per hour with a platform area of 1800 square metres,'' he added.

Besides, five entries and exits will provide easy accesibility and extra staircases of much wider width are being provided to accomodate more people.

The normal staircase width of 2.4 metres is being increased to 4.25 metres at JLN Stadium Metro station. There will also be four escalators connecting the concourse with the platform and there will be 20 Automatic Fare Collection gates instead of eight AFC gates normally provided at most stations.

''Our Operations Department is preparing a special plan and procedure for clearance of commuters who will be coming for the opening and closing ceremony by Metro trains, with high frequency of trains,'' the spokesperson said. Also, volunteers and sahayaks will be posted by DMRC to assist passengers at all the importants point of the station like fare collection gates, escalators, platforms and entry and exit points. The station will also house a Special Control Room from where public announcements will be controlled and LED signages will be displayed for guidance of passengers. Railings will be installed for guidance of passengers and extra lighting will be installed inside the station for good visibility. ''We will also have special coordination with Delhi Metro Police and Central Industrial Security Force to ensure adequate security for the public,'' Mr Dayal added.

The Metro line will provide easy connectivity to 10 out of 11 venues of the Games namely Games Village, JLN Stadium, Delhi University, Thyagaraj Complex, Siri Fort Sports Complex, National Stadium, Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, Talkotora Indoor Stadium, Yamuna Sports Complex and R K Tennis Complex.

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