Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Health team to be trained for Commonwealth Games

The Delhi Health Department has called upon the services of 200 masseurs who will form part of the health team for taking care of visitors coming here for the Commonwealth Games this October. As per agreement with the Kerala Government, the masseurs selected from prestigious medical institutes will be Delhi soon for additional training.

“The masseurs from Kerala and West Bengal will form part of the team that will work closely with visitors and ensure that proper treatment is provided to them. Hosting the Commonwealth Games is a great honour and we have to ensure that the visitors are well taken care of,'' said Delhi Health Minister Kiran Walia.

“Though these masseurs are well trained, we will involve them in another re-orientation programme to ensure that they are able to keep up with the demands of the job during the Games. The training will also allow them to understand sport injuries and the kind of treatment that is prevalent outside India. The training programme will help them to be also prepared to take on the workload that will come in during the Games,'' said the Minister.


Stating that the department is also training doctors, nurses and other medical staff for the Games, she said: “We have studied the experiences of other countries while hosting the Games. The focus is also to offer fast and effective service during the Games and be prepared for any kind of untoward incident.''

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