Monday, September 27, 2010

CWG saga takes new twist, Hooper spews venom

ALTHOUGH NEGATIVE counting has begun for the grand event, the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010, bizarre events are still unfolding, adding new twist and drama to the event. In the latest twist, one of the senior most officials linked with the hosting of the games, Mike Hooper, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the games fired salvo on the Organising Committee, the Government of India, the government of Delhi for the widespread mess up and lacunae in the run of to the games.

Following the footprints of Suresh Kalmadi, the head of the Organising Committee, Mike Hooper is also not willing to admit mistake for the fiasco on various fronts. Hooper has categorically blamed other stake holders for all the mess up engulfing the preparation of the Commonwealth Games. In an interview given to a New Zealand based television channel, Hooper squarely blamed the government of the host city, New Delhi, the Government of India, Organising Committee and other stake holders for missing deadlines time and again, shoddy pace of work and infrastructure.

In a one to one interview Hooper told the channel, “We are in the hands and the mercy of, effectively, the government of India, the Delhi government, the agencies responsible for delivery of the venues. They consistently failed to meet deadlines. Now, we were very active, very strong in pushing for this to be done. The actual venues were not handed over effectively and I say handed over from the point of view of getting venue- completion certificates and occupancy certificates. ”

Hooper’s outburst didn’t end here; he took Indian population to task during the interview televised on Sunday (September 26). Hooper held the massive population responsible for traffic chaos on the roads; and asked for a 24x7 exclusive lane for Commonwealth Games.

Whatever venom Hooper spewed though has not gone down well with many politicians and bureaucrats, it is the harsh reality, we must accept. The stake holders have collectively failed in their endeavours to deliver. Somewhere buck has to stop.
Now enough has been written and criticised, its time for all stake holders involved in the hosting of the game to work as a cohesive unit and facilitate in organising majestic Commonwealth Games. Enough venom and mudslinging has taken place, country’s image is at stake, lets support the Commonwealth Games and play our role anyhow after all it is our event.

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