Monday, September 27, 2010

Some athletes already in Delhi for the games

More than 1,000 athletes have now arrived for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

After many weeks of bad publicity due to filthy rooms, dirty toilets, generally unhygienic conditions and unfinished work, a number of officials have now said they are more comfortable with progress being made for the games to be held between October 3-14th.

The much maligned athletes village has been cleaned by a huge staff of workers and Indian officials are hoping the recent collapse of a pedestrian bridge and a shooting attack on a tourist bus will soon be forgotten.

Security has been ramped up to ensure nations do not pull out of the Games.

Several athletes have withdrawn due to health and safety concerns.

The ABC in Australia has reported that athletes officials have been pleased with the progress.

The UK team, which was highly critical at the beginning of last week, has now said it is content with the pace of progress.

A complaint was made by the South African team that a snake was found in a room at the games village.

Prince Charles will open the Games on Sunday evening in place of Queen Elizabeth, 84, who would normally open the Games but has insisted her schedule this year will not permit.

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