Monday, September 27, 2010

CWG tennis venue world class: ITF delegate

International Tennis Federation (ITF) delegate Tom Boyle Monday described as "world class" the Commonwealth Games venue R.K. Khanna Tennis Stadium.

Boyle said there had been rapid improvement in every area since the test event took place in May.

"The stadium has some excellent facilities for players, especially the locker rooms and the lounge. It has improved a lot since it held the test event in May when some work was still to be done. The venue
is ready and it definitely looks a truly international venue," Boyle told IANS.

"Without doubt, it is a world class stadium. We are very pleased that the work is finished as promised."

The refurbished stadium has laid new rebound ace courts which are known to increase the risk of injury and drew criticism a few months ago.

"At this stage, we won't be able to comment on that. Once the players come and start practising, we will be able to assess it better. But the courts are approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and it is in its list of approved courts, so there should be no problem," he said.

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